Strategist vs Gambler
Episode 10
Episode Information
Romaji Kishō VS Shōbushi
Kanji 知将VS勝負師
Air date December 9, 2008
Animation Work by Madhouse
Opening Theme Bury
Ending Theme Moment
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Strategist vs. Gambler is the tenth episode of One Outs.


Tokuchi unsuccessfully does fielding for most of the episode, but manages to keep the score more-or-less even throughout the game. Then Bugaboos put on Johnson, who scores them a point, and Tokuchi has a new obstacle to face.


The episode starts with The Owner talking to his secretary. His secretary tells him that, with them being 2.1 billion yen in debt, the situation is serious. He suggests that they should change the contract, to which The Owner declines, stating that Tokuchi must have some flaws.

Later, The Owner calls the Manager and orders him to keep his phone with him so that he can change the pitcher to Tokuchi when he wants. Koijima and his team watches a video of the opposing team. He notices how well their manager communicates with them, and warns that having a good manager will make the match more difficult.

In the middle of the fifth inning (with the other team having a one point lead) the Manager puts Tokuchi on to pitch. Whilst Ideguchi is cheerleading, Bugaboos' manager laughs and says that he learnt their signs whilst watching a video. Ideguchi then panics about what sign the other team will play. Tokuchi calms him by taunting the other team, declaring that he'll strike out their batters. He does this successfully.

The Manager, much to everyone's suprise, then puts Tokuchi on first base. He then wanders round the field, unsure of where to go, until another team member points to where he's supposed to stand. Bugaboos' manager picks up on Tokuchi's flaw; his lack of fielding experience and comments on how big that flaw is. Tokuchi proceeds to miss a ball thrown to him. The next batter uses a safety bunt which rolls over to where the rookie defender, Tokuchi, stands. However, Tokuchi quickly throws throws the ball to first, resulting in a double play.

Bugaboos' put on Johnson, a foreign pinch runner. He starts running as soon as the pitcher starts pitching and runs very quickly to home base. Bugaboos take the lead.


Bugaboos' manager brings light to the fact that Tokuchi is "quite agile", but that his fastest pitch was 128km/h. (Which is worse than a secondary school player.)

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