Nakamori Hisatake
Name Nakamori Hisatake
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 83
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Nakamori Hisatake is an accident-faker. He worked with Tsuneo Saikawa to fake an accident so that Toa's salary would be -4.64 billion yen. At the scene, Nakamori pretended to be unconscious so the reporters that he had injured his head. The reporters wrote that he was severely injured. It was later showed that at the press conference Nakamori said that it was not Toa's fault but his own.

The Plan Edit

There was an abandoned building near the parking lot where Toa parked his car and a hidden entrance on the first floor. Since it was already dark out, he Nakamori was able to hide himself there until Toa drove out. From Nakamori's position there was no way to avoid the "collision." He wrecked his motorcycle and created skid marks on the road beforehand. Then after waiting for the perfect moment, he rushed toward Tokuchi's car and rolled off the the side, so everyone around would see it as a traffic accident.

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