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Tokuchi plays whilst injured in a game.

Long SummaryEdit

After being injured from a ball hitting his hand, Tokuchi continues to play in the following day's game. He appears as the starting pitcher with an obviously bruised index finger. Tokuchi's pitch to the first batter gets hit, but fortunately for him the ball lands in the center. The Owner notices Tokuchi's less than average pitches and laughs, replaying the footage of him being injured.

Mitsou observes the video and finds something strange; Tokuchi's right hand was hit, rather than his left. He then explains that Tokuchi should have realised that the ball was unhittable and move backwards, making the bat angle backwards, thus the ball would hit his left hand.

Tokuchi successfully managed to finish the first inning without any runs. As marked by The Owner, Tokuchi's pitches are ridiculously slow, but he finishes the bottom of the third inning still with no runs. Two of the opposing team start insulting Tokuchi, to which he counters by telling them that they're naive.



Tokuchi Toua

The Owner

Mitsou Oikawa

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